I am an Austrian landscape, nature and travel photographer currently based in wonderful Vienna. I take pictures of some of the world's most beautiful landscapes and sceneries, countries and cities, plants and flowers for a living. That is the professional "me". The personal "me" is a lover of the outdoors, beach bum, food aficionado, part time globetrotter, aesthetic perfectionist, eternal idealist and Greece lover. It is a good thing that the professional "me" and the personal "me" get along so well with each other, because together they make me the photographer I am today.

I am utterly intrigued by faraway places and take great satisfaction from getting to know foreign cultures and exploring unknown territories with my camera. Photography enables me to capture the beauty of the world in a unique way and take everyone with me on the journey. In my work I combine my love for aesthetics and symmetries with my attention to detail. Just like life itself, photography is a constant learning process. As a perfectionist I am highly critical of myself and constantly aim at expanding my expertise. The nerd in me relishes in exploring new techniques. I like getting creative with different exposures, lighting, compositions and digital techniques. I am up for any photographic challenge and am not afraid to go to great extents if it is conducive to the quality of the photograph.

Through the years the roads (and oceans and skies) have taken me through half of Europe and across the oceans to some of the most exciting countries, cities and landscapes. My extensive photography collection from those trips is also available for sale as high quality fine art prints and wall art on various materials and in a variety of sizes in my online shop on this website.