About Me

I’m Natasha, the creative force behind Natasha Riha Photography. My photographic journey began many years ago as a sports photographer, capturing the intensity of competitions across the globe. For more than 20 years now, my camera has been my passport to a world of diverse cultures and unexplored territories. Photography, to me, is not just a profession, it's a love affair with aesthetics, symmetries, and the boundless beauty our planet offers.

Born and raised in Austria, I now find myself dividing my time between the enchanting city of Vienna and the sun-kissed shores of Greece. An outdoor enthusiast, beach bum, food aficionado, part-time globetrotter, hobby-gardener, aesthetic perfectionist, and eternal idealist—that's me in a snapshot.

I've founded this fine art photography print shop with the intention to offer vibrant, colorful prints that breathe life into your living spaces. In a world saturated with generic prints in muted tones, I strive to offer an alternative that bursts with life and energy. My prints are more than mere wall decorations, they are a dynamic kaleidoscope of colors and a testament to the unparalleled beauty of our planet.

As a small business, I operate as a one-woman show, pouring my passion and dedication into every aspect of this endeavor. Unlike larger enterprises, there's no extensive team behind the scenes, it's just me. This intimate approach ensures that every print carries a personal touch and is infused with authenticity and care.

As a photographer, I view my craft as a continuous evolution, driven by an unwavering commitment to perfection. This commitment to excellence also extends to my prints. I personally capture and meticulously edit each photograph, making each print an original work of art.

By using only high-quality materials and collaborating with partners who share my commitment to excellence, my goal is to offer you more than just a print. Each piece becomes a timeless work of art, that will bring enduring joy to both you and your walls. It is your satisfaction that is at the heart of my artistic process.

Premium Quality

Unique prints, crafted with perfection.

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Each print is carefully packaged in art-secure packaging.

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