6 Reasons to Invest in Fine Art Photography Prints

6 Reasons to Invest in Fine Art Photography Prints

The always improving capabilities of cell phone cameras and continuously lowering prices of point-and-shoot cameras make it that photography is becoming more and more accesible for everyone these days. The internet is flooded with images on a daily basis. However, one would be wrong thinking that photography has lost its worth. Investing in fine art photography prints is still a great choice if you want to give your home that certain something. A personally curated fine art photography collection will enhance your space with a sense of luxury.

Read on to learn 6 reasons why you should absolutely invest in fine art photography prints.

1. Your Photography Art Collection Will Be One of a Kind

When you buy poster prints from big chain stores or large online poster stores you know that thousands of people have the exact same print as you hanging on their wall. Yes, these prints are sold at a cheaper price, but this comes at the expense of quality and originiality. When buying fine art prints directly from the artist you will own a piece of art that your neighbor might not have. In other words, it comes down to this: do you want a sweater from a fast fashion chain store or would you rather have a sweater from that cute small boutique around the corner?

Aix-en-Provence Streets Fine Art Photography Print SetAix-en-Provence Set | Fine Art Photography Print

2. Fine Art Photography Adds a Sense of Luxury to Your Home

Any interior desinger will tell you that the right piece of artwork is what makes or breaks the design of a room. A wall art print should complement the room decor while also adding a bit of your own personality to the mix. While home decor styles will change over time, fine art photography prints have the potential to evolve with it and never look outdated. A carefully chosen art print will therefore add a sense of luxury to your home. In our article "How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home" you will learn more about this topic.

Rooftops of Rome Fine Art Photography PrintRooftops of Rome | Fine Art Photo Print

3. Fine Art Photography Never Gets Old

Mass produced poster prints quickly loose their allure because you see the same motif everywhere. However, fine art photography prints never get old. Part of their value stems from the fact that art prints are of a much higher print quality. The mass produced prints are printed on poster paper and the colors will fade with time. Fine art prints on the other hand are printed on professional photo paper with archival inks which ensures that they will stand the test of time. In our article "Poster Prints Vs. Photo Prints Vs. Fine Art Photography Prints - What's the Difference?" you can learn more about the different print types.

Green Cactus Fine Art Photography Print SetGreen Cactus Set IV | Fine Art Photo Print

4. Bring the World Into Your Home

Travel is a much loved past-time activity for many people. Fine art photographers travel to distant places and take you with them on their jouneys through their artwork. With fine art prints you can bring the beauty of the world we live in into your home. They can also bring back memories of past travels or awaken your wanderlust. Studies have even proven that fine art photography can have a positive effect on our mental well being. Fine art prints let you experience the world without ever having to leave your home.

Greek Island Paros Fine Art Photography Print SetParos Island Set | Fine Art Photo Print

5. Photo Wall Art Brings You Joy

We all are probably guilty of impulse buying every once in a while and spending money on something that is not really worth the price or will soon loose its appeal. However, investing your money in art means spending it on something that will bring you joy for years to come. Art that resonates with you on a personal level will never loose its magic.

Calm Ocean Waves Fine Art Photography PrintCalm Ocean Waves II | Fine Art Photo Prints

6. Support an Independent Photographer

Independent photographers invest a lot of time and passion into creating their photographs and capturing their vision. Every photograph has its own story behind it. When you buy artwork directly from a fine art photographer you are helping them live their dream. And as a bonus you are supporting a small local business that pays taxes in their home country.

Support an independent fine art photographerPink Bougainvillea | Fine Art Photo Print