Winter Photography Tips

Winter Photography Tips

Personally, I'm a self confessed sun worshiper and I love summer more than any other season. I find little to appreciate about winter on the other hand. Too dark, too dull and, above all, way too cold. But you're supposed to find something good in everything in life, so I accepted the challenge and looked for the beautiful things in winter photography ... and found them.

Plan your day ahead

The most essential part about winter photography is planning your day ahead. To make the most of the shorter days and the low sun and the light conditions that entails, you should plan in advance what you are going to shoot. There are numerous cell phone apps that provide you with all the all the information about the position of the sun, the time of sunrise, sunset, the "golden hour" and the "blue hour". As already mentioned, I myself am "cold blooded", in other words I perceive anything below 15 degrees as physical assault. Warm winter clothing is a must for every outdoor photo session, better wear a couple of layers too many rather than one too few. And last but not least, you should only leave the house full of energy ... this applies to your cell phone as well as to the batteries of your camera. The cold temperatures drain your batteries, which is why it is always advisable to have spare batteries for your camera and a power bank for your mobile phone.
Winter landscape photography of trees reflecting in a water puddle

Make the most of bad weather

The ideal idea of ​​winter photography is of course always a snow-covered winter landscape in front of a bright blue sky. The reality, however, is often a little different, at least here in Eastern Austria. Hazy days with foggy skies, flat light and simply cloudy and dull. But beautiful winter photos can also be taken in these weather conditions. Let the weather inspire you and embrace your inner melancholy in scenic winter landscapes.
Snow covered trees overlooking a peaceful mountain lake

Macro photography to capture the beauty of winter

Especially during the morning hours, the freezing fog sometimes covers nature with a thin layer of ice, which offers interesting motifs for macro photography. Personally, I am always particularly fascinated by the fine details of the ice crystals and the bizarre sculptures that Mother Nature creates here.
Snow crystals on reed

Play with color

Winter is not necessarily known for its colorfulness per se. Therefore, pictures quickly look somewhat bland. A small blob of color enhances any photo all the more and also gives a certain warmth to the shot.
Snow covered pink heather blossoms

Go outside and rediscover the winter! And always remember: there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing.

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