New Prints: A Stroll Through Vienna to Remember

New Prints: A Stroll Through Vienna to Remember

Vienna is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even though I was born and raised here, I have yet to see everything there is to see in the city. For the newly added Vienna photo prints in the Austria collection I took a stroll through the city to capture some of the city's hidden gems.

Strolling through the Vienna city center feels like time traveling. Narrow, cobble stone streets and historic buildings will take you back to a time when the city was the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Habsburg monarchy has left its footprints all across the city.

The city center of Vienna with its winding streets bears witness to an eventful history. The city was once surrounded by protective city walls. Most of the historic structure has since been demolished. However, in a few places the walls have been saved and can be visited today.

The new Vienna photography prints highlight the wonderful historic architecture of the city. These travel wall art prints are also the perfect addition to a neutral toned home decor.

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