“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” Matt Hardy

Lover of the outdoors, food aficionado, part time globetrotter and eternal idealist…that basically sums me up perfectly.

Growing up in central Europe in a region that can best be described as “climatically underprivileged”, I developed a deep seated longing for far away – and most notably warmer – places very early on. My passion for travel was further intensified by my parents, who took me on extensive road trips throughout Europe. It was during those trips that I learned to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer. Being a child of the pre-smartphone-era, when on-board television was not even a fantasy, there weren’t many options for a child to keep themselves entertained. So I spent most of the time looking outside the window and taking in the surroundings. That’s where my love of landscapes stems from.

My father, a passionate gardener, also instilled a deep appreciation for nature in me. I knew how to grow tomatoes before I could spell my name. Growing up in touch with nature, I naturally turned my camera to the plants close by. I was immediately intrigued by the amazing and – until then – unseen details that the camera would reveal. My love of nature photography was born.

Nature is beauty in its purest form. Nature is timeless, she is not not subject to fashion and doesn’t follow trends. Of course, nature is a bit of a diva and sometimes you have to wait for her to be ready for you. But once she is, nature is the most patient subject you can find. She doesn’t blink or talk back at you. She lets you be creative and look for the angle you like best. Landscape photography is not just about finding new exciting locations, but also about discovering new perspectives of well known places. The same place can look surprisingly different from different angles in different light on different days.

As a part-time globetrotter I am utterly intrigued by faraway places. I take great satisfaction from getting to know foreign cultures and exploring unknown territories. Photography enables me to capture the beauty of the world we live in in a unique way and take everyone with me on the journey.

Just like life itself, photography is a constant learning process. As a perfectionist I am highly critical of myself and and constantly aim at expanding my expertise. The nerd in me relishes in exploring new techniques. I like getting creative with different exposures, lighting, compositions and digital techniques like HDR. Photography allows me to combine my aspiration for proficiency with creative insight. I am up for any photographic challenge and am not afraid to go to great extents if it is conducive to the quality of the photograph.

I hope you enjoy my work!